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We advocate for the custodial rights of both parents and educate families on their options.

    Deciding to end their marriage can be one of the most difficult decisions that many people must make.

    The choice to end their marriage means making instrumental decisions about when to file and in what jurisdiction. One of the biggest decisions that can have a big impact on the cost and the time the divorce takes is whether to litigate, mediate or do a collaborative divorce.

    How It Works

    Electing to litigate a divorce means the court will make the final orders regarding child custody and child support as well as the division of assets and spousal support.  In divorce cases, the people involved in the divorce case must provide pertinent information such as proof of their debt and income streams that become public record.  The spouses involved in the case are encouraged to reach an agreement on all the issues in the case on their own and submit a Marital Settlement Agreement that the court can finalize and make as an order of the court. If the people involved in the case are not able to reach an agreement, a judge will decide the contested issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions